Automation8 Compelling Reasons to Automate Your Clinic

May 27, 20200

A patient-centric approach to operational efficiency can be the difference between an average clinic and a great clinic. A great clinic not only has a healthy revenue stream but are very highly rated within the patient community. With the help of a great automated clinic experience, you’ll be able to notice significant changes with the smart solutions implemented just for you.

More efficient Schedule Management

For every clinic, appointments are the starting point. That is where it all begins. With automation, you have a number of options offered to the patient before they walk in the door. With automated clinics, your patients can have the option of taking an online or telephonic appointment in addition to a walk-in one. The software automatically arranges all appointments in available time slots irrespective of the method used to make them. If the clinician permits, appointments can be made months in advance. It is efficient, and it increases business by many folds.

Better Patient Records Accessibility

With automation, you can easily access patient data. Patient information is accessible with just a few simple clicks. This ensures your patients get continuity of care. Information such as diagnostic records is stored under a unique ID which is assigned to each customer when they first arrive. With this efficiency of the whole medical staff increases. As there is a complete and comprehensive record available for each and every patient.

Ensures Patient Record Safety

Patient information is sensitive information. This information was traditionally stored in a lock and key cabinet. But we live in the 21 st century. With automation, you needn’t engage in this hassle. Data is stored in a safe encrypted format in either an in house location or a cloud-based server. You can modernize your clinic with easy and controlled access and also bring down costs incurred on storage cabinet and space..

Error Free Results

Human errors are the most frequent and most common errors in any work environment. The same holds true for your clinic. These can be caused due to carelessness, incorrect training and procedure, miscommunication, fatigue, stress, etc. Automation can eliminate these with razor-sharp precision at your fingertips. These small errors will come down massively. These can be related to appointments, scheduling, and coordination.

Better coordination and efficient communication

Often the patient’s time is wasted due to a lack of coordination and communication between different departments of your clinic. This is exaggerated even further if there are different branches of the clinic located in different parts of the city or country. Automation aids and enhances communication between different departments and increases the speed of the process by many magnitudes.

Better Resource Utilization

With automation, you can cut down on the use of manual resources, from stationary to human resources. This is because most of the data is stored on computers and communication happens via clicks. Only mandatory resources will be used, which will increase your office productivity and save you money. Employees will also require lesser training as most of the automated work can be done with average training. This leads to optimum and efficient use of human resources.

Better Cost Effectiveness

Clinic Management Systems or CMS has led to lower human intervention over time. This helps you save on investment in human capital. Automation is one of the smartest tools around that not just helps you with your operational efficiency but also plays a role in being cost-effective to the core. Automation is one of the smartest tools around that not just helps you with your operational efficiency but also plays a role in being cost-effective to the core.

Better Operational Efficiency

From billing to coordination with pharmacies, everything becomes streamlined and more efficient with the use of Automation. There is a visible increase in efficiency and positive impact on the staff and customers. Increasing staff performance will lead to happier customers visiting your clinic. Automation gives smooth wheels to the operations and this, in turn, impacts patient delight directly.

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