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Organizations are putting extraordinary significance on cost enhancement and apportioning an expanded financial plan for quality affirmation and programming testing. Measuring the nature of programming is fundamental before driving it into the creation pipeline. Manual testing gives a solid and precise method for recognizing defects in a product application. High caliber and savvy manual testing of uses, devices, and wearables is basic for guaranteeing the ease of use and usefulness of the application.

Manual testing is less expensive, bound to identify genuine client issues and is adaptable. In any case, it tends to be tedious and may require analyzers that are more skilled. Businesses are putting extraordinary significance on cost enhancement and allotting an expanded spending plan for quality confirmation and programming testing and iCareBuddy is one such ideal manual testing services and qa company that provides the best service.


Why Manual Testing?

Analyzing Project Requirements

We apply catchphrase driven and information driven ways to deal with test computerization for utilitarian, relapse and execution testing.

Choosing Devices & Managing The Procedure

We pick the objective devices depending on your prerequisites and the insights for target district and target client crowd.

Planning Test Cases

The mobile testing team drafts experiments and test suites and prepares best test cases.


Our mobile testing team performs testing and reports the bugs to the PM and engineers.

What Is Manual Testing?

We embrace the total duty regarding the testing exercises from making a streamlined test intended to after creation support. We receive a client driven testing approach, conveying persistent worth improvement in our commitment. We guarantee that we are the best software manual testing company and we make sure that the recognizability of the business prerequisites to the experiments are structured and executed for broad test inclusion. As an expert organization for manual testing, we furnish broad announcements with modified dashboards at customary intervals to keep you on the testing progress and deformities.


Why The Need For Manual Testing?

Indeed, even in the period of computerization, the manual programming testing services assume a pivotal job in guaranteeing faultlessness of the created programming. At iCareBuddy, we give quality centered manual testing services to guarantee that the product being tried is perfect for use and there aren’t any presentation issues which can influence the ease of use or viability of the product. iCareBuddy is a main manual testing company which has a team of experts who exceed expectations at doing complete manual testing services. We give high-caliber and solid manual testing services to our customers at minor costs.

Manual Testing Solutions We Offer

Acceptance Testing

Our tech knowledge is efficient enough to make your web application go through this rigorous and easy testing process.

Integrated Testing

Integrated testing has been done on your apps with utmost dedication as it is one of the most important testing processes.

Black Box Testing

Internal structure is not known to the tester and we make sure we apply this testing to get the best result out of it.

White Box Testing

We also implement this manual software testing services where the internal structure has been made aware by the tester.

Unit testing

We make sure of the fact that we test the different units when it comes to this testing phase.

System testing

When it comes to this phase, we make sure that each and every software component has been checked thoroughly.

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