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iCareBuddy vision is to enable Optical industry to provide quality Eye Care

We are a team of young and enthusiastic professionals with a combined experience of more than 20 years in the eye care industry and software development. Using latest tools and technologies, we deliver tailor made solutions to our global clients in the vision care industry. Our in-depth knowledge on the subject matter has enabled us to provide strategic insights and real-time solutions. We have worked with major optical retailers, insurance companies and optometrists in the USA streamlining their entire process through cloud based backend applications.


Our professional journey began 17 years ago at Michigan (USA), working with optical retailers and assisting them to simplify their infrastructure and supply chain management system. Soon we were connecting various dots in the eye care market in order to achieve better patient care in less complex environment. We discovered a great way to combine the optometrists, lab technicians, patient, optical retailers and insurance companies through cloud based customized software application. The application was successfully developed and marketed. It was well accepted by all the parties and resulted in enhanced customer experience and smooth practice management system.

In 2006, we co-founded our first company, AcuityLogic, where a team of passionate visionaries developed their first cloud based multi-tenant SaaS Point-of-Sale system, combining patients, doctors, lab, insurance, supplier, billing and claims in a single integrated ERP system. Our cloud based practice management system revolutionized the vision care industry and there was a huge demand for tailor made solutions.

AcuityLogic was acquired by Eyefinity Inc, a division VSP Global, in 2010. The VSP Global is one of the world largest optical companies.

We are here to introduce a similar system in other developing countries so that patients can be given better and prompt care. Data show that more than 90% of all blind people live in developing countries and that more than two-thirds of all blindness is avoidable (either preventable or curable).

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